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                ABOUT US

                公司簡介 公司資質 公司榮譽 企業文化
                    Nanjing Fangtong Bearing Co., Ltd. ,authenticated by ISO 901:2000 international quality system, is a professional bearing manufacturer and trading company. The company is located in Jiangsu provincial capital Nanjing, adjacent to Shanghai. Our bearings have enjoyed great popularity because of their superior quality and reasonable price.
                    Our company has more than 400,000 sets of yearly output. The main products are auto clutch release bearings including the push-syle ,draw-style ,non-alaining and self-aligning clutch release bearing(unit).All kinds of clutch release bearings developed by our company have been not only widely used in mini-cars,sedan,light vehicles,middle-duty vehicles, heavy vehicles and the public transpotation of Chinese famous domestic brands like FAW,DFMA,NAC,JAC,HONGYAN,CHERY AND GEELY, but also used in automobiles of many foreign brands such as DAF,M.A.N,IVECO,BENZ,HOWO,FOTON,SCANIA...
                    Nanjing Fangtong Bearing Co., Ltd. can offer the best OEM service.We are specializing in producing various types of bearings, and research and development of bearings.We have experienced technical engineers and first-class equipments and inspection instruments to develop and manufacture various bearing products with high-precision, high-performance and high-reliability. Our company has plentiful stocks, various types and complete sizes.
                    With more than 10 years' experience in bearing markets, we have established long-term business relations with many transmission case manufacturers and axle and retarder manufacturers. Nowadays our products are exported to the USA, Canada, the UK, Germany, Poland, Italy, Russia, the Middle East, Southeast Asia, Africa and other countries and regions.
                    Our principle is customer-oriented. Your satisfaction is our success.With striving for high quality to meet customers' requirements, and seeking the development by a good faith, Nanjing Fangtong Bearing Co., Ltd. will always be your partner.